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Apple Pie Recipe from Loni Jenks
When choosing apples to put in your pies, remember all the work you will be going through and make sure you find the best apples you can to make your efforts worthwhile.
pie crust, apple filling, apple cider, cornstarch,loni jenks
Irish Coffee with White Cream Top
A properly made Irish Coffee should look like a Guinness – black with white cream top. It should be made from the raw ingredients – not pre-mixed, expresso coffee, cream or whatever.
irish coffee, white cream top, guinness, irish whiskey, whipped fresh cream, brown sugar, john wilson, buena vista hotel
Delicious, Healthy and Refreshing salad
Recipe for delicious, healthy and refreshing salad with great dressing
cooked beans, fresh chopped vegetables, strawberries, salad dressing, basic vinaigrette salad dressing, italian vinaigrette, mustard vinaigrette,