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Earning Money Online
Looking to make extra cash? The Internet offers a variety of ways to boost your income.
27 Ways For Stay-at-Home-Moms to Make Money
Alright moms at home, this one is for you. We have packed a bunch of flexible ways to make money into this PDF so you can bring in a little extra cash onthe side. The good news for SAHMs today is there are a widerange of ways to make money that weren’t around when we were kids.
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CARE Learning Tour to Malawi and Kenya
Empowering the Next Generation of Women and Girls - In the world’s poorest communities, girls and women bear the brunt of poverty. When families struggle to earn enough money, it’s the girls who are often first to be kept out of school and last to eat.
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Working from Home
Women are especially enticed by the opportunity to earn money so they can take care of family responsibilities at the same time.
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Money Matters - Traveling cheaply
Most of us have to refrain from spending very much money when going abroad, but it would be a mistake to travel in the cheapest way possible. This could mean putting yourself at risk, and you might end up paying a high price on your health or state of min
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Fundraising Ideas
Over 50 simple and free fundrasing ideas explained on four pages with 25 incentives ideas. Food, awarness, auctions, activities, engaging management and more!
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The evolution of money
Transition from former commodity money to today’s electronic money. After introducing the properties of money the development of payment systems is outlined. Additionally, it is indicated why innovations of current payment technologies are tremendously im
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Women on money
One of the first historic women to appearon money was Arsinoe II, a Ptolemaic queen of Egypt, in the third century BCE. Since then, many national currencies have depicted women either during their life-times or posthumously.
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Ten Tricks for Growing Better Tomatoes
Tomatoes are the most popular garden vegetable. People grow tomatoes to obtain good taste, save money and enjoy gardening.
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