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Grow pulses in your home garden
Pulses are beans, peas, and lentils that are harvested when dry. Like the green beans many gardeners are already familiar with, pulses are easy to grow!
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A Basic Guide to Terrariums
A terrarium is a transparent container, tightly fitted with an adjustable glass cover, in which plants are grown in earth instead of water.
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Terrariums and Vivariums - Botanical Garden
Terrariums, vivariurns, and aquariums are microenvironments under glass. Terrariums were popularized in the 19th century when a London surgeon, Dr. Daniel Ward, accidently created a garden in a jar.
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Venus Flytrap Terrariums as a Study of Plant Adaptations
We will investigate the interesting adaptations of Venus Flytraps through the creation of a small classroom terrarium.
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Ten Tricks for Growing Better Tomatoes
Tomatoes are the most popular garden vegetable. People grow tomatoes to obtain good taste, save money and enjoy gardening.
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Grow your own Salad Garden
Fresh, green salads are great when they come fresh from the garden. All of the great vegetables found in salads are very easy to grow.
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Fresh Garden Salad with Chicken
A light, crisp and easy to prepare salad - with with lemon, tahini, pepper and olive oil dressing.
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Tomatoes - Frequently Asked Questions
What causes the lower leaves of my tomato plants to roll up? How often should my tomato plants be fertilized?
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Designing Quilt Block Salad Gardens
Often we grow vegetables in rows, grouping like vegetables together
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Vegetable Garden - Growing Tomatoes
Tomatoes — The heart of the home garden
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