Venus Flytrap Terrariums as a Study of Plant Adaptations
Botanical Garden Programs: Reading Plants
VII. Extension Questions
1. What kind of environment do we live in?
2. What kinds of plants can you find in your neighborhood that are native to
Southern California?
3. How are these plants similar and different to the plants at the Huntington?
4. How would you compare the different plants in your neighborhood?
5. Why are plants important to people?
6. How do you use plants everyday?
VIII. Vocabulary
adaptation a change over time in an organism’s structure or function that helps
it better survive in its environment
growing in or near water
carnivorous plant:
a plant that digests insects of other small animals to gain the
nutrients it needs
the rainfall, light, temperature, wind, and other weather elements
that are normal to an area
a region with less than 25 cm (5 inches) of rainfall each year, usually
with extremes in temperature and having very few but highly
adapted plants
environment the physical and biological conditions around a plant or an animal,
such as, amount of space in which to live, climate, other plants and
animals, etc.
the natural environment in which a plant or animal lives
the process whereby plants capture the sun’s energy in order to
make starches and sugars needed for growth; plants combine
carbon dioxide and water and release oxygen during photo-
synthesis productivity, and several layers of trees and plants
rain forest a tall forest in a climate of high rainfall, with several layers of trees
and plants
transpiration the process in which water evaporates from the leaves of a plant to
the atmosphere
The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
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