Growing Guide - Cucumbers
Crisp, juicy, delicately flavored cucumbers are one of the joys of summertime. A chilled cucumber soup can
cool you down on the muggiest summer evening and cucumbers make a delicious accompaniment to any lunch
or dinner, just sliced and salted.
Cucumbers are ideal for the beginning gardener because with just a little work, a bumper crop of cukes is
yours for the picking. Growing cucumbers in a Tower Garden® is even easier than growing them in the ground.
No kneeling, no bending, no tilling, no dirt! Of course, there are some tips and tricks you should know about
for growing healthy, productive cucumber plants in a Tower Garden®.
Read on to learn how to: choose your cucumber varieties, sow seeds, transplant seedlings, pinch, fight pests,
and know when to harvest. Get ready … get set … grow!
Vine stems: the main stems of the plant
Petioles: the mini-stems that attach the leaves to the vine stems
Flowers: pretty yellow petals from which the fruit will form once the flower has
been pollinated
Cucumbers: the edible part of the plant, covered with prickles and containing
firm, juicy flesh and soft seeds
Nodes: the part of the stem where flowers and fruit appear, sometimes more
than one cucumber per node, depending on the variety
Internodal areas: the vine stem between nodes (where you should prune,
if needed)
Tendrils: thin, curly stems that grow from the intersections of vine stems and
petioles and which the plant uses to attach itself to surfaces
Rockwool Cubes: The growing medium used to sow seeds
Net Pot: The container used to plant seedlings
Growing Pot: One of several interconnecting sections of the Tower Garden®
Plant Port: The openings in the Tower Garden® where the plants go
In a Nutshell:
The seed goes into the rock fiber starter plug…
The rock fiber starter plug with the seedling goes into the net pot…
The net pot goes into the plant site…
There are four plant sites in a growing pot…
Five growing pots make a Tower Garden®
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